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Neem Cake Powder

Pooja Neem cake powder is the byproduct obtained from the kernel based Cold Process Extraction of Neem seeds and kernels for neem oil. Even after the extraction of neem oil the neem cake contains 4% to 5% of oil In It. It is a potential sourceof organic manure.

Rich Source of NPK : Pooja Neem Cake has an adequate quantity of NPKin organic from for plant growth. It contains 100% natural NPK content and other essential micro nutrientssuch as Nitrogen (3.75%. 5%), Phosphorous (1%- 1.5%). Pottasium (1%.2%).Calclum(0.5%.3%), Magnesium (0.3%

  • 1%). Sulphur (0.2%
  • 3%), Zinc(15ppm to 60ppm). Copper (4ppm to 20pprn). Iron (500ppm to 1200ppm).Manganese(20ppm to6Oppm).

Controls Nematodes : Pooja Neem Cake is active against a wide category of Nematodes, Soil Pests and Insects. This defense helps roots to obsorb adequate nutrients and give better yield. Pooja Neem Cake accelerates root development and overall plant grOwth.lt protects the plant from soil borne pathogens. insects, nematode, fungi. termites. mealy bugs and pests. However it is safe for eco-friendly organisms I ike earthworms.

Improves Organic Content of Soil : POOla Neem Cake also reduces alkalinity In soil as It produces organic acids on decomposit on. Being totally natural it Is compatible with soli microbes. Improves the rtilzosviere, mien:Mora and hence ensure fertility of the soil. Pooja Neem Cake Improves the organic 'hatter content of the soil, helps In improvement of soil texture, improves soil aeration and water holdingcapacity of the soil for better root development.

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