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Neem Herbal Agrozyme

Pooja Neem Herbal Agrozyme is a botanical oil extracted from the seeds and kernels of the Neem Tree (izadirachta Indica) by crushing. It Is brownish yellow In colour and has an odour similar to that of garlic. The oil Is soluble In water and has a Ph value of 6.5 to 7.5. It boils at 200 degrees Celsius and freezes at 13 degree Celsius.

Mode of Operation : It exhibits various Behavioural Responses such as anti feedant, feeding deterrent, repellent, ovipcsition deterrent etc.. and RhysioloOca I Responses such as insect growth regulator, molting inhibitor, reprodutinn inhibitor, anti fertility etc.

Recommended for Pests : It acts as a botanical Insecticide targeting a number of Insects, pests affecting tea plantations as opposed to Insecticides targeting specific pests or Insects. It acts against sucking pests like thrlos, mites and chewing pests like caterpillars, beetles and termites. It acts at all stages of development of pests i.e. eggs, larva. pupa and adultstage.

Key Ingredient : The key ingredient is Azadirachtin which haS a presence of 1500opm in Poole Neem Herbal Agrozyme.

Application : The recommended dosage is lto 2 litres per hectare according to the Infestation. It should be used every 15 days for the first three sprays. Thereafter the period betweensprayscan beenedencledassultable.

Storage : Store in a cool and dry place away fmm heat and open fire.

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